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History of Our School

In the middle of the year, in 2003, Teddy Bears Montessori Preschool was started by Ms. Preshanie Maharaj to take care of children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, a home away from home. We started with one little boy on the first day and, through word of mouth, we grew from strength to strength doing what we were born to do.

We have become convinced that a Montessori education offers enormous advantages to all children. It is based on the principle that each child is an individual and develops at his or her own pace. We have seen our own children benefit from this approach and we are confident that your children will also enjoy growing and learning in this special environment.

For us, it is essential that children are educated in a caring and supportive environment where they are encouraged to work and play. We apply Montessori principles to instil in each child the love of learning that is at the heart of the Montessori education.

Our staff members have many years of experience in preschool teaching. I trained at The College of Modern Montessori in Linbro Park, I have also trained and am qualified as a self-esteem facilitator. I am currently completing my degree in Educational Psychology & Kids Life Coaching. I have also been a life Coach under Jay Shetty and worked closely with his vision and wisdom with an international audience. I have gained so many mindfulness skills and lessons that I can add to our daily classes to ensure our children are calm, at ease, and can cope with the help of the right tools to make it through most age-appropriate challenges.

I have worked in both the Montessori and the state education sector. I work alongside Montessori-trained teachers*, assistants and classroom helpers to ensure that every child is able to develop at his or her own pace. We have the most dedicated staff and when you meet them you will see how friendly and caring they truly are!

Children generally start with us when they are walking (and between the ages of 12 months and two years old), however many parents have grown to love our philosophy and environment that we take in one or max 2 babies from 4 months old. Most parents live in close proximity to the school premises and because of the wonderful area we live in, we generally have children from diverse backgrounds. For us, different languages, cultures, nationalities and religions serve to enrich the learning environment. By keeping our school small, a wonderful sense of community among the school’s parents and school team is developed.

We look forward to both your and your child’s participation in our school.

Preshanie Zia Maharaj - School Owner and Principal of Teddy Bears Montessori

Preshanie Maharaj

Preshanie Zia

Principal / Directress / Teacher

Experience: Quailed Montessori Directress with Over 20 years’ experience working and teaching children

Area of Expertise: life coach specializing in building self-esteem in children and their parents, 

Age Range: Aged 3 up to 6 years old

Previous Work History:  

Worked at Clamber Club under Liz Senior 

Worked at Thuthuka Montessori and Westcliff Nursery School

Worked with Jay Shetty Genius group for a year. 

Worked with Coaching Minds UK during lock down hosted many online webinars, podcasts and discussions on various topics related to mindfulness

Building Self Esteem and ddidi volunteering at some of JHB Prisons and Bharagwanth Hospital



Montessori Directress (Teacher)

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Assistant Teacher (Studying Montessori) & Cook

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Montessori Directress (Teacher)

Experience: Qualified Montessori teacher with 10 years teaching experience 

Area of Expertise: Practical Life, Sensorial & Maths Teacher 

Age Range: Aged 3 up to 6 years old.

Mama Julia

Mama Julia

Teacher Assistant

Experience: over 20 years experience

Area of Expertise: working and caring for our children, loved and adored by everyone.

Who was Dr Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori was one of the most influential pioneers of early childhood education. She was the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School. She based her educational method on observations she made in the classroom. Maria Montessori was friends with Helen Keller, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander Graham Bell. She died in Holland in 1952, leaving behind a legacy of a method of education that combines a philosophy with practical approach based on the central ideas of freedom for the child within a carefully planned and structured environment.

The Principles of the Montessori Method of Education

The whole child is educated: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Children experience life through these 5 planes of development. Each area is vital in the overall development of the child. At Teddy Bears Montessori, we focus on each area, realising the importance of the interrelationship between areas of development.
Children learn through play. Each piece of equipment in the Montessori environment is designed to be fun yet also constructive
Children are encouraged to work individually or sometimes in small groups depending on the activity. Children learn at their own pace and not that of the directress/ teacher/ or the rest of his/her peers.
They have the freedom to choose which activity they would like to work with for the day, however it is the directress/ teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the child is being exposed to various area of work and development.
A child may repeat an exercise/ activity as many times as he/she wishes as it is through repetition that a child becomes a master at learning a skill and it also builds his/her concentration level.
They learn from concrete to more abstract based exercises
We make use of didactic materials (realistic and child-size), eg. heavy and light.
Maria Montessori said, “The hand is the instrument of man’s intelligence.” By this she emphasised the importance of the connection between the hand and the brain therefore the child is an active learner in a Montessori schooling environment.

Intrinsic Motivation

All children want to learn. There is no need for punishments and rewards. The child is free to choose an activity. They spontaneously choose the work that they want to do. This spontaneous activity encourages self-direction and self-reliance. If the children are self-motivated, their concentration and memory skills will develop.

Encouraging Self-Discipline

By allowing intrinsic motivation, self-discipline is developed. The child is protected from adult intervention as the equipment is self-correcting and stimulating as well as challenging.

School Rules

Code Of Conduct

This Code of Conduct serves as a guideline of the expected behaviour and attitude of children, parents and staff members at Teddy Bears Montessori.

  1. No person will be discriminated against based on their race, gender or creed.
  2. We are required to be careful with our equipment, as is costly to replace.
  3. Biting, hitting, spitting and screaming is NOT tolerated. If I am angry I need to call someone to help me sort out any problem.
  4. We are shown the appropriate manner on how to interrupt an adult or child while they are busy.
  5. We are required to say “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”.
  6. I understand that swearing, bad language as well as name calling is inappropriate and unacceptable at our school.
  7. We are required to walk indoors at all times, as this is a safety precaution within our environment.
  8. We are NOT allowed to shout at our friends, we need to walk up to them or talk softly to them.
  9. We are not allowed to bring our toys to school as we might become upset if it gets damaged or misplaced.
  10. We are NOT allowed to “fiddle” with other people’s private parts, or use explicit sexual behaviour with our friends.
  11. We are expected to say sorry if we are wrong or if we have hurt someone or their feelings, even if by accident.
  12. It is kind to share and we strive to be kind individuals.
  13. When we eat we are expected to sit at the table until we have finished our meal.
  14. We never play with our food or put things into our mouths that have been lying on the floor or in the garden.
  15. We always tell the truth.
  16. We need to co-operate with each other at all times, especially on outings.
  17. We are not allowed to throw things or sand at each other.
  18. We are NOT allowed to sit or stand on tables. Chairs are for sitting on.
  19. We are NOT allowed to go out of the school grounds without an adult next to us.
  20. We need to keep our bodies clean so we always wash our hands after we have been to the toilet or have been playing outside.
  21. We like to be in a clean environment, so we help each other to pack away all the things we have been playing with.
  22. We always make our visitors feel welcome and show them where to find things that they require.
  23. We may not always listen to our parents but we are very good at imitating them. So please be a good role model for us.

Our Parent Reviews

Odwa Jenkins - Ramabulana

I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of the way you and the staff of TBM welcomed our two little children and integrated them into the TBM family. Like most parents, my husband and I were extremely anxious about our kids leaving home… We acknowledge the tremendous dedication and care that you and the staff put into looking after the children. Dropping the children off every morning knowing that they were receiving the best possible care gave us a great sense of peace. We have noted the amazing strides of growth and social development in both our children. Thank you for facilitating a sense of awareness and confidence in them. we appreciate that what they learn at school reflects that which we try to instil in them at home. You do an amazingly awesome job! May God bless you always.

Arya’s Parents

Devi & I would like to thank you and the team from the bottom of our hearts for the superb education and well-being provided to Arya. When we were deciding on a Pre-School for Arya, it was without doubt that Teddy Bears Montessori stood out and we had no hesitation in allowing Arya to start her foundation phase in your school.

Monageng L.

Since taking my child to the school, the confidence level that my child now has is amazing. The love for waking up each day and asking what is on his calendar so that he is ready for the day.

Stacey S.

Led by an inspiring, intelligent and caring principal, I could not find a better team to care for my two children. I highly recommend Teddy

Nisha S.

Teddy Bears is a wholesome environment where the entire staff love what they do. The kids are the priority and the principal, Preshanie.

Ashwin R.

Really amazing school, amazing teachers and the ways of learning are really good too

Pritesh P

Very Good School

Testimonial #1 Designation

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