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About Montessori

In the middle of the year, in 2003, Teddy Bears Montessori Preschool was started by Mrs Preshanie Bhagaloo (nee Maharaj) to take care of children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, a home away from home. We started with one little boy on the first day and, through word of mouth, we grew from strength to strength doing what we were born to do.

Teddy Bears Montessori has a responsibility to your children: to develop your little ones into confident learners with good values, and independent thinkers who have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. We can successfully achieve this through the participation and assistance of parents and colleagues. Together, we are committed to ensuring your child’s learning is powerful and purposeful.

Our Mission Statement

Our job is to develop these little people into confident learners, with good values, independent thinkers that have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. We can do this together with the help of our colleagues and parents.  This is an extremely challenging job if you are not helping us. We are committed to ensuring each child’s learning is powerful and purposeful. We design learning activities for the children to broaden knowledge, build understanding, improve learning processes and skills and explore new interests in a culture of curiosity. 

Take the next step and ensure your child develops into the best version of themselves.

Activities are designed for children to be able to broaden their knowledge, build understanding, improve learning processes and skills, and explore new interests in a culture of curiosity.

Teddy Bears Montessori Parenting Academy held once every 6 weeks to provide a platform of inspiration & support to all our parents by hosting mini Parenting workshops / Talks.


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Gross-Motor / Physical Literacy Programme for Pre-School & Foundation Phase Children


nurturing a love for music in the heart of every
UPBEAT is a music curriculum that targets every child in the school.

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If you would like to be kept in the loop with new additions, progress and updates, simply find Teddy Bears Montessori on the d6 School Communicator app. The app is available for your computer and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Blackberry, and an optimised mobile site.

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Included in our daily programme for our children is building Self Esteem & Kids life Coaching by Growing Resilience through Self Esteem

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