Dear Parents/ Guardians / Grandparents

 Winter is coming…. 😊

A new month is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story about yourself. Happy New Month

Staff Training & Development : Was a huge success in inspiring & learning weekend to keep staff motivated, supported & heard. First aid training by ALL staff have been done on am intense level to ensure that they can work under emergency circumstance with calm & control.

Theme of the Month:

Our Solar System, Mother’s day & Electections  for 3 to 6 year olds

The Circus for the under 3 year olds

Important dates

Sat 4 May 2019

Parenting Workshop : Identifying Values & developing Personality

Time: 10 to 12h30/ 13h00

Sat 25 May 2019

Our 6th Parenting Workshop – Building Resilience Part 1 & 2

Time 10h00 to 12h30/ 13h00

Limited seats kindly sms Preshanie to reserve a seat for you/ go to our app click on Calendly, click on Unitrac Parenting workshop

Value is R300 per person per hour, however it is included in the 2019 fee structure terms & conditions apply.

Feed back from the workshops have been positive and enlightening some topics are helping us parent and nurture the inner child within us.

Some parents would like workshops to be longer & more detailed, please bare in mind our workshops were designed based on YOUR feedback of only having an hour to spare hence we tailor made these workshops for you.

If you have missed any of the previous workshops it is imperative that you book make up sessions with Preshanie/ Nisha ASAP & before the next workshop to benefit ad for it all to make better sense to you. As each topic builds on from the previous one. For TBM parents a special fee has been allocated of R150 per person per hour for the make up sessions.

We feel fulfilled that our mini workshops are making a positive impact in your home with your relationship with your family.

Grade R – 2019

PS. Reports for all Grade learners ( that is children who have or are turning 6 years old in 2019 ) will be handed out on the 12 May 2019.

Government school Grade 1 & Grade 8 ONLINE applications open on the 13 May 2019 for 2020.

Bakers Day every Monday for the 3 to 6 year old

Week 1: 6 May 2019

Khwezi, Zara, Luciana & Keyaan B.

Week 2 : 12 May 2019

Jennica, Divya, Pranavi & Kwandokuhle

Week 3 : 20 May 2019

 Jayseelan, Musawenkosi, Benjamin & Mikenso

Week 4 : 27 May 2019

Tendero, Omontle, Atlegang & Kiyaan R.

PLEASE bake with your little ones on the weekend and send it to school for their group of 8 to 10 children per week, use your creativity to link the themes or alphabet of the week into the Mondays, Baker of the week &/ or Tuesdays, Show & tell added learning & fun days for the 3 t 6 year old classes

Many happy returns and lots of hugs and spoiling to Brooklyn, Keyaan B. Owami, Enocentia & Mikenso

Alphabet of the week  for the 3 – 6 year old class

Week 1:  6 May 2019

Jj eg. Jump, Jelly

Week 2 : 13 May 2019

Kk eg. kite,

Week 3 : 20 May 2019

Ll eg. Lego, lock, love, lollipop

Week 4 : 27 May 2019

Mm eg. mic, mouse, mat, monkey

Tuesday : Show & Tell

Wednesday : Tuck shop day all children get to “ buy”  teaspoons full treats to gain exposure to managing money & how it works

Thursday : Gardening day – on hold until the back yard is clean & fixed

Friday: Library Day/ Bring a book to school day.


Teddy Bears Montessori uniform

Kindly place your orders with Onica, please fill out order forms.

We are awaiting balance of orders mostly long sleeve tops & beanies & bigger tracksuits to arrive in May. School rule is that parents are invoiced for Uniform orders only once we have handed them out unless otherwise required by supplier.

Buzzi Bodies T-shirt

Please ensure that if your child is participating in Buzzi Bodies every Friday that they must please wear their yellow T-shirts.

These T-shirts will be necessary for Sports Day – Date to be confirmed as we are looking for an affordable venue & date for both parents & grandparents.

Sports day will be a combination of Mother & father’s day celebration as we have many single parents at TBM.

Stimuzone; ( extra Mural)

Wednesday at 10h30 Cost:+- R170 pm plus registratiom

Madressa :

Classes Mondays & Wednesdays +- R400 per term

Intra Murals ( invoiced by the school)

  1. Upbeat Music programme with Teacher Antje ( pronounced similar to unsure) on Monday mornings at 10h00 sharp. Cost is R250 pm x 12 months.
  2. Buzzi Bodies gross motor, sport skills development programme by qualified coaches ( Bret, JP & Candice). R150 pm x 12 months plus admin fee.
  3. Young Engineers ( additional Maths, Science, Engineering & Robotics classes ) R150 per child as the numbers have dropped, instead of paying R400 pm as an extra mural with forms from Y.E.

 These come highly recommended by the school and are far more cost effective as 80% of the school is doing it.

If you would like your child to start these classes please drop Preshanie an email/sms.  And you will be invoiced for it on your next invoice.

PLEASE NO LACE UP SHOES ALLOWED – many parents are STILL sending young children with lace up shoes.

( unless child is a Pre-schooler)

It is important not to set a child up for failure, putting on lace up shoes creates these feelings unless they are able to tie & untie their laces.

D6. Communicator for School & TBM App

Please download this Free app onto your phones & desktops especially for urgent ALERTS & updates & all School Holidays for 2019 are uploaded as well

PS.  Teddy Bears Montessori App will be used for Newsletters, photos ( as soon as I can upload all 7000 of them), calendar, Calendly

This app will include a tab to set up an appointment instead of going to Calendly/

To get our QR Code please visit our website

Lots of inspiring ideas & tips to be a GREAT Parent J

Thank you so much from the team J

Preshanie, Onica, Monica, Brenda, Mendi, Ella & Patrick

I hope to see as many of you as possible on the 25 May 2019 for our Parenting workshop on Building Resilience Part 1 & Part 2, PLEASE RSVP via sms to Preshanie by Tues 21 May 2019,

Comparison between Montessori & Traditional Schools

Tradition School Grade R Goals by end of year Teddy Bears Montessori  3-6 yrs environment
1. To recognize his/her name & surname 1. TBM children can do this from 3 – 4 yrs old
2. To be able to write his name & surname 2. TBM children can do so from 4 yrs old on
3. To rote count 1 – 10 3. TBM children can do this from 2- 3 yrs old sometimes younger
4. To recognize numbers 1 -10 4. TBM children can do this at 3- 4 yrs old
5. To count backwards from 10 5. TBM children can an do this at 4 yrs old
6. To cut paper on a straight line 6. TBM children can do this at 4 to 5 yrs old
7. To sit at their ( same desk daily)desk and complete a task within a specific time frame 7. TBM children choose a favourite place to sit at everyday from 5 yrs old yet they are allowed to sit anywhere
8. To be emotional mature to settle into school without crying. 8. TBM children achieve this with a few weeks after they first start at Teddy Bears.
9. To follow instruction individually & as part of a group ( class) 9. TBM children achieve this with us from 3 yrs old & they do this willingly in preparation for big school.
10. Age appropriate independent includes carrying own school bag, packing own school bag, remembering to pack belongings in own school bag daily. 10. TBM children achieve this with us from 2 yrs of age. Depending on size of bag & height of locker.
11. To remove ones jersey/ jacket independently 11. TBM children achieve this with us from 2 yrs old sometimes younger.
12. To write their name  & surname, count 1 to 20, identify numbers 1 to 20, write numbers 1 to 20, apply all knowledge onto paper. This is practiced daily from 4 yrs old. 12. begins to do this from 4.5 yrs old and masters writing by the ages 5 to 6 years old, dependent on each child’s personality & parent involvement.
13. To put on and removes ones shoes and socks independently 13. TBM children achieve this from 18 months old & they do this willingly in preparation for life.