Dear Parents/ Guardians / Grandparents

“Instead of buying your children all the things you never had, you should teach them all the things you were never taught. Material wears out BUT knowledge stays.” Bruce Lee.

And to our parents who do BOTH ( Mum & Dad duties)

Good Luck to all our Dad’s taking part in the Comrades Marathon this YEAR

Theme of the Month:

People who Help us ( Careers )he under 3 year olds

Dress  up day: As the person/ career that yu want to be when you grow up Thursday 27 June 2019.

Parents please use your imagination, creativity & resources to make your child’s costume. The reason for this theme to broaden your child’s knowledge, vocabulary but most off to see how everyone is some how directly or indirectly important to us in our daily lives, that there is a bigger picture also for them to start dreaming and exploring their imagination for their future career path. It is so important to plant seeds of knowledge & inspiration & hope, to nurture them daily and guide them  with positive energy, kind words & gentle direction even if it means pruning some branches along the way so that the plant may flourish into a tree bearing not only shade to those close by but also fruit that will be of benefit to the tree & those around it regardless of the unpredictable weather it has to endure.

Important dates

School Closes : Friday 14 June & Re-opens Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Bakers Day every Monday for the 3 to 6 year old

Week 1: 3 June 2019

Kayla, Benjamin, Musa & Vutomi

Week 2 : 10 June 2019

MJ, Nihal, Salma & Keyaan B.

Week 3 : 17 June 2019 ( Public Holiday  & school closed this week)

 Week 4 : 24 June 2019 ( School Closed – re-opens Wed 26 June )

PLEASE bake with your little ones on the weekend and send it to school for their group of 8 to 10 children per week, use your creativity to link the themes or alphabet of the week into the Mondays, Baker of the week &/ or Tuesdays, Show & tell added learning & fun days for the 3 t 6 year old classes

Many happy returns and lots of hugs and spoiling to ,

Khwezi, Aurelia, Monica & Zara.

Alphabet of the week  for the 3 – 6 year old class

Week 1:  3 June 2019

Nn eg. Nut, noise

Week 2 : 10 June 2019

Oo eg. Orange, Ostrich

Tuesday : Show & Tell

Wednesday : Tuck shop day all children get to “ buy”  teaspoons full treats to gain exposure to managing money & how it works

Thursday : Gardening day – please send suitable seedlings/seed for planting vegetables, herbs in out clean garden – Thank you Patrick 😊

Friday: Library Day/ Bring a book to school day – tell us the story ( Verbal Book review) Builds vocabulary, self confidence & Comprehension skills which is VERY important for understandings Maths & Science.


Teddy Bears Montessori uniform

Kindly place your orders with Onica, please fill out order forms.

We are awaiting balance of orders mostly long sleeve tops & beanies & bigger tracksuits to arrive in June. School rule is that parents are invoiced for Uniform orders only once we have handed them out unless otherwise required by supplier, a notice will be sent out via D6.Communicator.

PLEASE NO LACE UP SHOES ALLOWED – many parents are STILL sending young children with lace up shoes.

( unless child is a Pre-schooler)

It is important not to set a child up for failure, putting on lace up shoes creates these feelings unless they are able to tie & untie their laces.

D6. Communicator for School & TBM App

Please download this Free app onto your phones & desktops especially for urgent ALERTS & updates & all School Holidays for 2019 are uploaded as well

School holidays for the year is loaded on D6. Communicator under Calendar this is done every DECEMBER.

This app will include a tab to set up an appointment instead of going to Calendly/

To get our QR Code please visit our website

Lots of inspiring ideas & tips to be a GREAT Parent J

Thank you so much from the team J

Preshanie, Onica, Monica, Brenda, Mendi, Ella & Patrick