Dear Parents

February is known as the month of love around the world, to many including myself, it’s just another day. However, at Teddy Bears Montessori, it’s one extra special day of sharing bear hugs & kind words of appreciation to everyone who brings a smile to our day.

To Brenda


Important dates

Sat 9 Feb 2019

Parents information morning PLEASE attend so that we can answer ALL your questions without being distracted. Keep you well informed so that your little one benefits the most out of these meetings. I would like to see more than my regular dedicated parents who have made to every meeting we have had.  1st Parenting workshop which is the stepping stone for the many to follow. DO NOT miss this one.

Time 9 to 10 am.

14 Feb 2019

Valentines Day : Picnic at school bring & share pref vegetarian ONLY please eg margarita pizza, chips, popcorn, juice no cool drinks, fruit sticks etc.

Time 10h30

Bakers every Monday for the 3 to 6 year old

4 Feb 2019 : Kayla, Benjamin, Vutomi & Musawenkosi

11 Feb 2019: Jatseelan, Salma, Nihal & MJ

18 Feb 2019: Khwezi, Zara, Keyaan B & Pranavi

25 Feb 2019: Kwandokuhle, Aseelah, Jennica & Luciana

Use your creativity to link the the themes or alphabet of the week into the Mondays, Baker of the week  or Tuesdays, Show & tell added learning & fun days for the 3 t 6 year old classes

Alphabet of the week  for the 3 – 6 year old class

Week 1: 4 Feb 2019

Aa eg apple, art, arrow

Week 2: 11 Feb 2019

Bb eg. bat,ball,banner

Week 3: 18 Feb 2019

Cc  eg. cat, cathy, cable

Week 4 : 25 Feb 2019

Dd eg dog, duck,David, door

PLEASE bake with your little ones on the weekend and send it to school for their group of 8 to 10 children per week,

Tuesday : Show & Tell from 5th  Feb

Wednesday : Tuck shop day all children get to “ buy”  teaspoons full treats to gain exposure to managing money & how it works

Thursday : gardening day

Friday: Library Day/ Bring a book to school day.


Kindly place your orders with Onica, please fill out order forms.

We are currently sold out of all stock. Children must wear uniform daily please those who donot have uniform kindly wear casual clothes pref in navy & turquoise. Please avoid using pretty fancy clothes to school as the kids play & paint and these expensive clothing and shoes might get damaged or dirty.

We are looking for another supplier.

PLEASE NO LACE UP SHOES ALLOWED ( unless child is a Pre-schooler)

It is important not to set a child up for failure, putting on lace up shoes creates these feelings unless they are able to tie & untie their laces.


We have found that children trip & fall too often with these type of shoes.

D6. Communicator for School

Please download this Free app onto your phones & desktops so that all communications comes to you immediately.

Contact details of facilitators, more information about activities, bakers days, Bring a book to school day, Newsletters, Parent Handbook, holidays can be found on D6. Communicator – Teddy Bears Montessori.

Extra Murals:  These are optional

Suitable for children 2 yrs & older or depending on each child

Stimuzone: Mondays at 08h30 Cost:+- R170 pm plus registratiom

Madressa classes Mondays & Wednesdays +- R400 per term

Intra Murals:

  1. Upbeat Music programme with Teacher Antje ( pronounced similar to unsure) on Monday mornings at 10h00 sharp. Cost is R250 pm x 12 months. PLEASE sign up for music.
  2. Buzzi Bodies gross motor, sport skills development programme by qualified coaches ( Bret, JP & Candice). R150 pm x 12 months plus admin fee.

These come highly recommended by the school and are far more cost effective as 80% of the school is doing it.

The school invoices you for these intra murals.

If you would like your child to start these classes please drop Preshanie an email.  And you will be invoiced for it on your next invoice.

End of Term Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings & Reports

Please book your meeting with us via           

This is an electronic link to my diary. It will be updated & up and running by next week.

We look forward to sharing with you about your little one’s experience and progress &this can be done at the end of the first term. There will be NO reports.

In this meeting we need you to fill out a VERY important forms for our records, this is done annually or when changes arise.

Also if you have any queries with your account, we can discuss it in this meeting.

I will have both D6 & Calendly updated throughout Jan & the year once we all settled into our routine for 2019.

Themes for 2019

Month Theme More info
January My school  & Summer Back to school parent welcome/ information morning Date Sat 19 January
February My Body & Senses  Summer & Valentines day   Roadshow coming to school on 13 Feb 2019 My Body & Senses & Pets
March Transport ( Land, Air & Water) Autumn   End of term Parent meetings Last week of school see for my  diary   Roadshow coming to school on 3 April 2019 The forgetful Easter Bunny    
April Birds, Autumn, Concert Practice Easter & Madiba ( Freedom day)   Mr ADT Show date to be confirmed 2nd Term Parent info morning date to be confirmed
May Planets, Autumn, Concert Practice  & Mothers day Mothers & Gran Mothers day Tea at School date to be confirmed
June Careers ( People who help us & more), Concert Practice Winter & Fathers Day   Roadshow coming to school on  7 June 2019 Community Helpers & The Farm End of term meetings Last week of school see for my  diary   Sports Day : date to be confirmed          
July Continents , Concert Practice Winter & Madiba Magic 67mins of …. We have not decided as yet     3rd Term Parent info morning date to be confirmed
August Influencial Women of the world, Maria Montessori Month & Kites , Concert Practice   Concert info meeting date to be confirmed Roadshow coming to school on  7 Aug 2019 Spring & Things with wings
September Mini Beasts ( Insects), Spring, Concert Practice                         End of Term Meetings Last week of school see for my  diary        
October Concert Practice.     Roadshow coming to school on  2 October 2019 Countries of the World &  Safety on holiday Concert & Graduation date to be confirmed
November Feelings & Emotions Summer Time                          
December Holiday fun & Summer   Written reports to be handed out Roadshow coming to school on  4 Dec 2019 Christmas Show : The Wolf & the Christmas Mouse

Our Pre-schoolers are expected to:

Name the Primary & Secondary colours

Names & describe the different shapes

Colour within the lines,

Recognise & write their own and surname in Grade1 font.

Count up to 100

Count backwards from 20

Count in 5’s & 10’s

Know the days of the week, months of the year & seasons.

Be able to describe the weather

Cut along a straight line

Tell basic time

Follow simple one sentence instructions & multiple instructions.

Follow instructions given to a group.

And know all the phonetic sounds of the alphabet without any pictures to prompt the sound that it makes.

To be reading 3 letter phonetically spelt words by October/ NOVEMBER .

To do addition & subtraction by October /November.

And to eventually learn through my  individually designed bridging programme for each Pre-school to be ready for the school that they will be attending.So that they  are settled into big school with ease and self confidence. That’s one of the skills that makes us different to other Montessori schools.

To do all of the above both parents & teachers need to work together and support each other.

Going to BIG school requires independence, understanding & respecting boundaries, emotional & social  maturity and self -esteem & self- confidence with a child’s bu ilt in / natural Horme (montessori term for :  will to learn) & a dash of enthusiasm from child & parents.


Many montessori children who have started with us from as young as 4 months old. They can do many of the above activities from as young as 3 yrs old, however they struggle to express their knowledge onto paper as their physical body is not strong & co -ordinated enough to express what is in the mind onto paper. Hence children are encouraged to play and move a lot, so that they can strengthen their core muscle & all gross motor muscles. Eventually the smaller muscles can develop with the support of the specific Practical Life activities that we have in our environment which natural satisfy their curiosity to learn  through play, repetition, concentration & lots of patience, do they become masterful.

Growing Resilience through Self Esteem & Teddy Bears Montessori

Email address:

For general enquiries and for my knowledge, letter of notice,

for all POP/ account queries please forward to Diana at

any changes to your personal details or contact number

for TBM Parent Academy/ workshops/Talks

We have on average  8 children per group  this year.

Lots of inspiring ideas & tips to be a GREAT Parent J

Thank you so much from the team J

Preshanie, Onica, Monica, Brenda, Mendi, Ella & Patrick