Dear Parents/ Guardians / Grandparents

Happy Women’s Month to all the women of the world Our mothers, grans, sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters… thank you for all that you do for your family and more… your warmth, love, determination, hard work does not go unnoticed

Maria Montessori born 31 Aug 1870 to 06 May 1952

When you have your face printed on real money, that’s how you know that you were/ are one phenomenal human being of that time in your country. We salute you Maria Montessori for your knowledge, wisdom & insight that is helping families around theworld like no amount of therapy can. First Female doctor in Italy, Women’s Right activist, Educationist & a mother, wife & grandmother.

Thank you to all parents and my dear staff for your comfort, strength and support over the last few weeks. Shriya is doing much better and she is back at school. Thank you so much to all of you who paid school fees before I could send out the statements & invoices – Thank you, it was one less thing to worry about while under pressure at that time.

Theme of the Month for August :

Continents of our World for the 3 to 6 year olds

North America ( Orange)

South America ( Pink)

Europe ( Red)

Africa ( Green)

& Asia ( Yellow)

What about Australia ( Brown)

Don’t forget Antarctica ( White)

These are the continents of our world…

I thought that I will share the above song with you as our children love it! The colours in brackets is the control of error in Montessori Curriculum to teach children to identify the continents by their colours on our material. Children will be learning age appropriately about animals, cultures, wonders of the world both natural and man made, foods, birds, trees, plants and maybe capital cities of some of the countries & their flags during this theme & in Geography that pertain to a specific continent.

Week 1: ( August ) Europe ( Red)  Greet using any of the European Languages

Week 2 ( August)  Asia ( Yellow) Greet using any of the Asian languages

Week 3 ( August) Australia ( Brown) Greet using common Australian greetings/ accent

Week 4 ( August) Antarctica ? ( White) is there a particular language / accent used in Antarctica?? And by who – that your home work… 😊 have fun !!

Update on the Ants Infestation at school

The ants have left the building!

Theme for  under 3 year olds is Colours

Week 1:  Green dress children in something Green this week

Week 2: Dress children in something Orange each day

Week 3: Dress children in something Purple each day

Week 4: Dress children in something Pink each day

Bakers Day every Monday for the 3 to 6 year old

Week 1: 5 August 2019

Nihal, CJ, Lisa & Salma

Week 2 :  12 August 2019

Omontle, Atlegang, Brooklyn & Musa.

Week 3 :  19 Aug 2019

MJ, Zara, Vutomi, Luciana

Week 4 :  26 Aug 2019

Tendero, Yahya, Dina & Pranavi

PLEASE bake with your little ones on the weekend and send it to school for their group of 8 to 10 children per week, use your creativity to link the themes or alphabet of the week into the Mondays, Baker of the week &/ or Tuesdays, Show & tell added learning & fun days for the 3 t 6 year old classes

Roadshow on Wed 7 Aug 2019  about spring & insects

t’s a performance by travelling actors who wear costumes & use props to act out & tell a story with dialogue, dance & singing. Cost included in school fees.

Many happy returns and lots of hugs and spoiling to

Tendero & Aseelah.

Alphabet of the week  for the 3 – 6 year old class

Week 1 : 5 Aug 2019

Tt eg. Tomato, Tools, Tank

Week 2 : 12 Aug 2019

Uu eg. Umbrella, under, uncle

Week 3 :19 Aug 2019

Vv eg. Vase, Vicks, Vacuum

Week 4 : 26 Aug 2019

Ww eg. Watch, whale, warthog, wart

 Tuesday : Show & Tell

Wednesday : Tuck shop day all children get to “ buy”  teaspoons full treats to gain exposure to managing money & how it works

Thursday : Gardening day – please send suitable seedlings/seed for planting vegetables, herbs in out clean garden – Thank you Patrick 😊

Friday: Library Day/ Bring a book to school day – tell us the story ( Verbal Book review) Builds vocabulary, self confidence & Comprehension skills which is VERY important for understandings Maths & Science.

NB!! PLEASE NO LACE UP SHOES This is VERY important for your child’s developmental needs & stages

( unless child is a Pre-schooler)

It is important not to set a child up for failure, putting on lace up shoes creates these feelings unless they are able to tie & untie their laces.

D6. Communicator for School & TBM App

Please download this Free app onto your phones & desktops especially for urgent ALERTS & updates & all School Holidays for 2019 are uploaded as well

School holidays & Themes as well as Road shows for the year are loaded on D6. Communicator under Calendar this is done every DECEMBER.

Parenting Work shop with UNITRAC

If you have missed any off the workshops make up sessions can be done at R150 per person per hour for 2019 only.

To get our QR Code please visit our website

Lots of inspiring ideas & tips to be a GREAT Parent J

Thank you so much from the team J

Preshanie, Onica, Monica, Brenda, Mendi, Ella & Patrick